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hats for Cheyenne River

made about a dozen hats using up leftover yarn - in several different sizes, but a lot of them big -mailed to the Cheyenne River Youth Project - - didn't get a picture 

Now I'm making socks for my sister, whose favorite color is orange 
Socks were finished and mailed. Sent another pkg to Cheyenne River - abut 10 more hats from leftover yarns

Also made another pair for my sister - tofutsies (no picture), and sent a pair of socks to my older sister(no picture),  and then sent a pair of striped socks to my sister-in-law(no picture).

Also sent 2 knitted dishcloths to each of my sisters and brother - orange and red (maybe bright yellow and red??)

Knitting more hats for Cheyenne River - black and white... separately, not black-and-white, because the yarns are such different weights. Again, just knitting up leftovers...