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donation for CAC -some fabrics donated by Judy Bowman, some by Janice Stevens, some from my stash

socks and hat for Bev


socks and hat for Lynnette


quilt donations

Jo Kramer - of Jo's Country Junction sent our library quilters 25 finished tops - and four of them had backings to fit! The plaid is all flannels.

I used my Dream15. The brown leaf is quilted in leaves.

The one with diagonal squares and blue border-print borders, I made from other fabric donations.

Socks for sisters - October

botany Lace, Tofutsies, KnitPicks

more socks for my sisters

botany lace, Knit Picks, and Tofutsies

The bear, a Stearnsy Bear, was made from an old mink coat, and was a gift from my husband.

more pinks for CAC

more pinks from donations
quilting on Dream15 without (broken) stitch controller - not my best work - ruler work on squares, random swirls on borders

I broke the stitch controller when I moved the machine to a different room. Totally my fault. I called the store where I purchased it, Quilt Sampler in Springfield MO, and Brad had the part I needed and shipped it. I got it by mail in four days. I have installed it, with a minimum of cursing, but don't have my next quilt ready to go so that I can test it.....

brown pinwheels for CAC

center smaller pinwheels and brown border donated by Jo Kramer of Jo's Country Junction
large pinwheels (from 8"blocks)- some fabric donated by Judy Bowman (Judy of Pierce City in Stashbusters) and some donated by stitchers of Marionville Library, Marionville, MO) The brown backing is much darker in person than it seems in the picture, and is from a sheet donated by my daughter. Quilting is 3s and Es (

daisy pinwheels leftovers

3s n Es on my Dream15 for Children's Advocacy Center

I miss my brother

My brother, Kermit Day passed away very suddenly in January. He was a joy to be around. He wrote me lovely long letters, and showed me one of his favorite places to visit - Johnson's Shut-ins in central eastern MO. As a nurse, he used to go on medical missions, and learned some Spanish so that he could talk with his patients better.

hats for Cheyenne River Youth Project


another 21 quilts for the CAC

Karen, MaryAnn and Jean and I folded another 21 quilts for the CAC. This makes nearly 200 that we have finished and delivered to them.

florals for Children's Advocacy Center

center donated by Jo Kramer quilted on my Dream15 in allover leaves about 54 x 70 "

xblock greens

This is the first quilt using the x-block - You make strata with 2 1/2 " strips, and use a special ruler to cut squares on an angle. One roll of strips, and assorted darker green scraps. For Children's Advocacy Center

finally finished Hunter's Star

I quilted petals in the stars in December or January on My Dream 15. Then I wanted to quarter-inch outline around the "arrowhead" shapes. I tried to stitch straight lines on my Dream 15 - wasn't happening. Nor could I stitch straight lines on my regular machine - too many turns. Finally I bought a ruler base for my Dream15. And finally, using the ruler to practice on, I finished a baby quilt. It is so easy! I LOVE using the ruler with my Dream15. It does slightly narrow the area available for quilting, and that's a consideration, but, I LOVE IT!

teal stargazer

Teal Stargazer
kit from Nancy's Notions
finished 30 June 2019

quilted with stars on my Dream15

Northcott Stonehenge Solstice

Northcott Stonehenge Solstice block challenge from Simply Quilts, Springfield MO - 18 1/2"

quilting stars on my Dream15


leftover Daisy Wallflowers


pinks again for CAC

quilted on my Dream15 using rulers for the first time borders are vining leaves

about 52" square

More more socks

Debbie Bliss Botany Lace Araucania

More socks

Drops Delight


Little Cotton Rabbits
Scheepjies Stonewashed Smokey Quartz

Dress and pinafore are leftover sock yarns

paint by number 2


paint by number 1

finished view of my first Paint by number - Paris 

blue bargello

fabric bought in MI January 2019

My free-motion quilting is improving - leaves in borders, meandering in middle

very, very pink

from scraps for CAC

Knit Picks felici

made a pair in orange for my sis Denise 
and a pair in blues for my sis-in-law Rebecca

Debby Bliss Botany Lace


leftover daisies

Turning my scraps from Daisy Wallflower into a quilt for the Children's Advocacy Center:

more hats for CRR

all from leftovers and scraps

moving shelves

I work in a public library.

Someone decided that we have to move all the fiction- not anyone who works here, not anyone who uses this library, not our manager.

There were 7  shelves with books on the bottom and none on the top. We have to remove the books, lower the shelves, replace the books. We will then have still 7 shelves, but with books on the top and none on the bottom --

Spring tees

All my tees are made with the same pattern - one I traced from a tee I bought from Wal-Mart. I have made regular neck, long sleeve, scoop-neck short sleeves, etc. I have fabric for at least three more...

Note: these pictures were all taken on the same door, at the same time. You can see by the different colors of the door how true the color is to real life. The color of the door is "Navajo white" - so that bottom left  shirt in real life has a lot of dark burgundy in it - and no green at all. I wear it with burgundy pants. The other batik tee(upper right) has a lot of green, and I wear it with an avocado-colored pant.

Angel #3

Judy gave me three angels, each with two or three borders. I added more, and this is the result. Another for Children's Advocacy Center about 45"square.