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Northcott Stonehenge Solstice

Northcott Stonehenge Solstice block challenge from Simply Quilts, Springfield MO - 18 1/2"

quilting stars on my Dream15


leftover Daisy Wallflowers


pinks again for CAC


More more socks

Debbie Bliss Botany Lace Araucania

More socks

Drops Delight


Little Cotton Rabbits
Scheepjies Stonewashed Smokey Quartz

Dress and pinafore are leftover sock yarns

paint by number 2


paint by number 1

finished view of my first Paint by number - Paris 

blue bargello

fabric bought in MI January 2019

My free-motion quilting is improving - leaves in borders, meandering in middle

very, very pink

from scraps for CAC

Knit Picks felici

made a pair in orange for my sis Denise 
and a pair in blues for my sis-in-law Rebecca

Debby Bliss Botany Lace


leftover daisies

Turning my scraps from Daisy Wallflower into a quilt for the Children's Advocacy Center:

more hats for CRR

all from leftovers and scraps

moving shelves

I work in a public library.

Someone decided that we have to move all the fiction- not anyone who works here, not anyone who uses this library, not our manager.

There were 7  shelves with books on the bottom and none on the top. We have to remove the books, lower the shelves, replace the books. We will then have still 7 shelves, but with books on the top and none on the bottom --

Spring tees

All my tees are made with the same pattern - one I traced from a tee I bought from Wal-Mart. I have made regular neck, long sleeve, scoop-neck short sleeves, etc. I have fabric for at least three more...

Note: these pictures were all taken on the same door, at the same time. You can see by the different colors of the door how true the color is to real life. The color of the door is "Navajo white" - so that bottom left  shirt in real life has a lot of dark burgundy in it - and no green at all. I wear it with burgundy pants. The other batik tee(upper right) has a lot of green, and I wear it with an avocado-colored pant.

Angel #3

Judy gave me three angels, each with two or three borders. I added more, and this is the result. Another for Children's Advocacy Center about 45"square.

more bracelets

Using the green one as a sample
Made these in 2017.


When I was a child, I did several paint-by-numbers - all of them bought from the local dime store, and less than 8 1/2 by 11. I loved doing them more than keeping them.

I have recently started another, rather larger(perhaps 16 by 20, which is of a French walk, and which came all the way from China in the mail. The spaces I am meant to paint seem very very small. This seems harder than I remember it. But I am still enjoying the process.

The 'bent' streetlight is merely a soft bend in the canvas, and is really straight. Seriously.

my job

These are just a few of the things i get paid to do:
cookie decorating, making bubble-makers. and sticker mosaics


I sure wish we could see them more often - well, we will when the weather improves.


Bought 3 new tops on sale from Christopher and Banks

Wore this one once - tag says machine wash, so I did -

and this happened.
But, customer service came through - sent me a postage-paid label to return item. Haven't heard yet what they're going to do about it...

perfect backing and four more bindings

This is what happens when the randomly-donated quilt backing ends up perfect for the randomly-donated quilt top.

four more tied tops bound for Children's Advocacy Center

Dream 15 number seven

Diagonals donated by a friend of Jo Kramer - from MN pieced on muslin signed on the back by Cheryl Traun Nancy Carey Anita S Kathy Noll Joane Fink Connie Carpenter Irene N Iverson
quilted Feb 18th and 24th donated to Children's Advocacy Center

teal Stargazer

65 x 77" I can see a mistake. Not gonna be easy to take it out. This quilt is so busy, I wonder if I can just leave it - insert a mistake so you're not being presumptuous, and so on. But looking at the pattern, there is not one mistake, but three - and I REALLY don't want to take out three.

Zac's leftovers

A long time ago, I made quilt for Zac using Eleanor Burns' Night and Day. The pattern uses cuts from strata, and "wastes" a lot of fabric. These squares were some of those leftovers. The sashing and first border are left from my version of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence. And the dark green border is leftover from my Stack n Whack. The plaid (also used on the back) was donated to me by Jo Kramer (Jo's Country Junction).

number 5 on my Dream 15 - finished today, Jan 27

someone is watching over me

I have had to add air to one of my tires about every other week. It was checked- no leak was found. 

Thursday my daughter and I returned from MI through ice fog, snow, heavy rain, dense fog, and detours in St Louis - no problems. 1600 miles round trip. 

This morning my husband took the car to the shop for an oil change, and they found a nail in that tire. 

Thank you, Lord!

green lace for my sister Bev

The full picture is more true to the color.

green/blue stripes for my sister-in-law Rebecca


iris colors for my sister Lynnette


blue/browns for my sister Denise


fourth quilt on my Dream15

I outlined the appliquéd petals, and did a leaf design in the borders. I knew I couldn't make the leaves identical, so I decided to make them each different.

Third -Stack n Whack

allover paisley
from a book on free-motion quilting by Angela Waters
The Stack n Whack top was hanging on my wall over my bed  for years -3 blocks by 3.
Not sure when I started it, but the book is from 1998.
I had cut more blocks, and finished them in  2017? 2018?, added them, and it went back on the wall.
Now, it's done!

second quilting - indigo Shibori Hunter's Star

I wanted flower petals in the center of the stars. Other quilting will be outlining with a walking foot.