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Zac's leftovers

A long time ago, I made quilt for Zac using Eleanor Burns' Night and Day. The pattern uses cuts from strata, and "wastes" a lot of fabric. These squares were some of those leftovers. The sashing and first border are left from my version of Bonnie Hunter's En Provence. And the dark green border is leftover from my Stack n Whack. The plaid (also used on the back) was donated to me by Jo Kramer (Jo's Country Junction).

number 5 on my Dream 15 - finished today, Jan 27

someone is watching over me

I have had to add air to one of my tires about every other week. It was checked- no leak was found. 

Thursday my daughter and I returned from MI through ice fog, snow, heavy rain, dense fog, and detours in St Louis - no problems. 1600 miles round trip. 

This morning my husband took the car to the shop for an oil change, and they found a nail in that tire. 

Thank you, Lord!

green lace for my sister Bev

The full picture is more true to the color.

green/blue stripes for my sister-in-law Rebecca


iris colors for my sister Lynnette


blue/browns for my sister Denise


fourth quilt on my Dream15

I outlined the appliquéd petals, and did a leaf design in the borders. I knew I couldn't make the leaves identical, so I decided to make them each different.

Third -Stack n Whack

allover paisley
from a book on free-motion quilting by Angela Waters
The Stack n Whack top was hanging on my wall over my bed  for years -3 blocks by 3.
Not sure when I started it, but the book is from 1998.
I had cut more blocks, and finished them in  2017? 2018?, added them, and it went back on the wall.
Now, it's done!

second quilting - indigo Shibori Hunter's Star

I wanted flower petals in the center of the stars. Other quilting will be outlining with a walking foot.