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Spring tees

All my tees are made with the same pattern - one I traced from a tee I bought from Wal-Mart. I have made regular neck, long sleeve, scoop-neck short sleeves, etc. I have fabric for at least three more...

Note: these pictures were all taken on the same door, at the same time. You can see by the different colors of the door how true the color is to real life. The color of the door is "Navajo white" - so that bottom left  shirt in real life has a lot of dark burgundy in it - and no green at all. I wear it with burgundy pants. The other batik tee(upper right) has a lot of green, and I wear it with an avocado-colored pant.

Angel #3

Judy gave me three angels, each with two or three borders. I added more, and this is the result. Another for Children's Advocacy Center about 45"square.

more bracelets

Using the green one as a sample
Made these in 2017.