Third -Stack n Whack

allover paisley
from a book on free-motion quilting by Angela Waters
The Stack n Whack top was hanging on my wall over my bed  for years -3 blocks by 3.
Not sure when I started it, but the book is from 1998.
I had cut more blocks, and finished them in  2017? 2018?, added them, and it went back on the wall.
Now, it's done!

second quilting - indigo Shibori Hunter's Star

I wanted flower petals in the center of the stars. Other quilting will be outlining with a walking foot.


ordered on Dec 13
picked up on Dec 21
put together Dec 21 &22
first quilting Dec 22 & 23

17 more CRR hats from scraps

All are made from leftover sock yarn, and various donated baby yarn. 

12 more hats, 3 pr socks for Cheyenne River

Hats made from leftovers and scraps of sock yarn - doubled.

pink squares for Children's Advocacy Center

Judy gave me a grocery bag of 6" squares ( some 5 1/2" - some 7"). Some of them were already sewn together in pairs. I made 2 kid-sized quilts so far, and have enough squares for at least 2 more. We were donated the dotted swiss more than a year ago - several shoeboxes full (FULL!) of 2 3/8" squares. Turns out a nine-patch of them goes together quite nicely with 6" squares.

four more for Children's Advocacy Center

Our 4-5 person library quilt group meets every second and fourth Tuesday. We have made and delivered more than 130 assorted-sized kid's quilts to the local Children's Advocacy Center. We have at least a dozen more done, and yesterday I bound these four as well.