socks and hat for Bev


socks and hat for Lynnette


quilt donations

Jo Kramer - of Jo's Country Junction sent our library quilters 25 finished tops - and four of them had backings to fit! The plaid is all flannels.

I used my Dream15. The brown leaf is quilted in leaves.

The one with diagonal squares and blue border-print borders, I made from other fabric donations.

Socks for sisters - October

botany Lace, Tofutsies, KnitPicks

more socks for my sisters

botany lace, Knit Picks, and Tofutsies

The bear, a Stearnsy Bear, was made from an old mink coat, and was a gift from my husband.

more pinks for CAC

more pinks from donations
quilting on Dream15 without (broken) stitch controller - not my best work - ruler work on squares, random swirls on borders

I broke the stitch controller when I moved the machine to a different room. Totally my fault. I called the store where I purchased it, Quilt Sampler in Springfield MO, and Brad had the part I needed and shipped it. I got it by mail in four days. I have installed it, with a minimum of cursing, but don't have my next quilt ready to go so that I can test it.....