pink squares for Children's Advocacy Center

Judy gave me a grocery bag of 6" squares ( some 5 1/2" - some 7"). Some of them were already sewn together in pairs. I made 2 kid-sized quilts so far, and have enough squares for at least 2 more. We were donated the dotted swiss more than a year ago - several shoeboxes full (FULL!) of 2 3/8" squares. Turns out a nine-patch of them goes together quite nicely with 6" squares.

four more for Children's Advocacy Center

Our 4-5 person library quilt group meets every second and fourth Tuesday. We have made and delivered more than 130 assorted-sized kid's quilts to the local Children's Advocacy Center. We have at least a dozen more done, and yesterday I bound these four as well.

tweedy 13

Made more hats for Cheyenne River Reservation - all (but one) made from donated baby yarn in yellow or blue, and leftover sock yarn - the ends after socks were made.

kite-shaped paper piecing


Someone donated a big bag of trimming scraps to our library quilting group. Even though they are scraps, I can cut a number of one-and a half inch strips from each piece. Someone else donated a big bag of items to our local senior center. They also have a quilting group, but they didn't want these pieces. They included the white sheeting that you see here - old, but still strong. 

This pattern is paper-pieced, and even though I have made a number of errors, I think they are looking good.

Daisy Wallflower

Zoe helped me finish tracing the flowers and peeling the paper. The top is finally one piece!

grandkids and watermelon

My son and his 2 boys, from FL.
My daughter and her son and daughter from AR