more pinks for CAC

more pinks from donations
quilting on Dream15 without (broken) stitch controller - not my best work - ruler work on squares, random swirls on borders

I broke the stitch controller when I moved the machine to a different room. Totally my fault. I called the store where I purchased it, Quilt Sampler in Springfield MO, and Brad had the part I needed and shipped it. I got it by mail in four days. I have installed it, with a minimum of cursing, but don't have my next quilt ready to go so that I can test it.....

brown pinwheels for CAC

center smaller pinwheels and brown border donated by Jo Kramer of Jo's Country Junction
large pinwheels (from 8"blocks)- some fabric donated by Judy Bowman (Judy of Pierce City in Stashbusters) and some donated by stitchers of Marionville Library, Marionville, MO) The brown backing is much darker in person than it seems in the picture, and is from a sheet donated by my daughter. Quilting is 3s and Es (

daisy pinwheels leftovers

3s n Es on my Dream15 for Children's Advocacy Center

I miss my brother

My brother, Kermit Day passed away very suddenly in January. He was a joy to be around. He wrote me lovely long letters, and showed me one of his favorite places to visit - Johnson's Shut-ins in central eastern MO. As a nurse, he used to go on medical missions, and learned some Spanish so that he could talk with his patients better.

hats for Cheyenne River Youth Project


another 21 quilts for the CAC

Karen, MaryAnn and Jean and I folded another 21 quilts for the CAC. This makes nearly 200 that we have finished and delivered to them.