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button complaint

I have sewn a couple of blouses recently, with unspectacular results. Also, I was watching for a sale of my favorite shirt - CJ Banks never-iron, and that time rolled around. I also had free shipping, and an extra 15%off. I ordered five shirts and a jacket - all for nearly Wal-Mart prices. I rarely buy clothes, but last time I ordered online, it was from CJ Banks, and I was quite pleased. The clothes were good quality, on sale, and fit well. This time, the blouses (shirts Whatever) fit fine, are just as advertised, and are beautiful. HOWEVER, as I was hanging them up, one button came off, and when I tried one on, another button pulled right off. I had to replace two buttons before ever wearing a shirt! Also, the dark brown button spare had a huge light-colored gouge in it. I always sew the extra buttons into the side seam, because who can find that little envelope with one button in it when you need it? Or else, I have thrown away the little envelopes and dumped all the buttons i