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Easy Street Part 7

Bonnie Hunter's pattern - my colors

Also got the Christmas infinity quilt backed, batted, spray-basted, and pinned, with the grandkids help. (Well, they weren't that much help.) (P.S. - Don't walk on your backing after you have sprayed it with basting spray.)

baby sox for Cheyenne River


Anniversary roses - 42 years


Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Part 3

I don't like surprises when I sew, and I don't like a lot of quilt patterns, so I assumed I wouldn't like mysteries. But I do like Bonnie Hunter, and I love most of her quilts. I have been reading her blog for a while (, and she does a mystery every year, posting one step a week. They are scrappy, and she encourages you to "shop your stash." So I thought I'd do it.
Turns out, my stash is mostly clothing fabrics rather than quilting, or already promised for quilts-in-progress(well, I try something, and then decide I want it larger(Don't judge!) So I had to buy most of this - in quarter-yards. I have kept up with the steps pretty well. Part 4 is half done, and Part 5 is out today! Gotta go sew!

(In non-related news, I bought 3 pair of dress pants from Half-of-half Price Store for $7. Not each - $7 total. and they were all size 14!!!!)

Christmas Infinity

I had this terrible urge today to drive nearly two hours to a new quilt shop.
Instead I stayed home and finished this puzzle quilt.  Sometime around Feb 2009, I saw a picture online and it grabbed me. I had to make it.
But I lost all the information about the pattern.
So I figured it out, and today I finished it. If you know the name of the
pattern, please let me know.

The original didn't have the border, but, as usual, my husband wanted it bigger --bed sized.

ornaments in a kit!

Get the Ornamental Elegance Kit -- While Supplies Last!
 But just in case you cannot attend a Stampin' Up workshop, Stampin' Up! just made a terrific kit available to you --just in time to deck the halls with terrific trimmings you've made yourself!  They've simplified this fun project so that you can quickly and easily achieve the same results. In addition to the kit, all you need is a glue gun, scissors, and adhesive.

Our Anywhere Glue Sticks (104045) are perfect for assembly. Want greeting or place cards to go with those ornaments? The Ornament Keepsakes Stamp Set (W 128048 C 128051) gives you perfect coordination. Fancy a little sparkle and shine? Sprinkle on our Dazzling Diamonds Stampin' Glitter (102023)!

Contact me  today to take advantage of this amazing offer--just in time to create 10 heirloom ornaments--or stunning tags to attach to a special neighbor gift.

At only $14.95, the Ornamental Elegance Kit (132832) includes:
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