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how to tell if your fabrics have enough contrast

how to tell if your fabrics have enough contrast edited to add: Now these are all sewn together! Luckily, after I sewed the first two blocks together, I noticed that some blocks are turned the wrong way. See how the dark (green)squares in the front all march to the upper left? And the ones in the back rows march off to the right? Yeah, that's wrong.
Now it's all sewn correctly, and green goes up to the left, while all the orange marches up to the right.

(SO, SO GLAD I only  had to unpick one single short seam.)
Now I have to get the borders on - a plain one, a pieced one, and then a plain one. (The pieces for the middle border are all done.)

Spring in force

suddenly - seems like overnight - we have blossoms on the serviceberry trees, and tulips in the yard. The daffodils are almost gone -

Celtic Solstice update

Last night I finished the last of the Celtic Solstice blocks - and used up all my fabric - had to piece together blue scraps to get the last 5 triangles - have about 12" (square) of orange left, and had to get more greens and creamy background -  The pieces for the border are done, too, so just have to get them into one piece and decide on the plain borders - since I don't have anywhere near enough of the background fabrics I used.