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In continuation of tees and capris...

cotton knit and linen/cotton blend
My new necklace is by yarnplayer - and is a turquoise donut wire-wrapped, beaded, and with tiny tatted flowers. It is amazing.
We had a family reunion today - third in two weeks - at the local park. My husband's side of the family got together. It was only in the 90's but the humidity was so bad that it was pretty miserable.

En Provence

Finally got the top together for En Provence (about a month ago...)

In the back you can see the table-top loom I rented from Fiber Folks of SW MO.

more summer wear

Many many years ago, I made a nightgown from a dark grey print knit. I love it, still wear it. Then, many years ago, I made a long-sleeve tee from the leftover fabric. This summer I finally used the last of the fabric to make this tee. The capris started life as a midi-length twill skirt that I couldn't wear.

new tees

Made 2 tee shirts - with my pattern traced from a Walmart tee. They fit well, but the fabric is a bit too "clingy" - or "slinky" for me. I want cotton tees! Oh,, well...

note: Pictures taken first thing in the morning - no makeup. Also, my hair has looked better...
This is the porch off my living room.

brown linen

I finally worked on pants from my SFD pattern, made a pair of pajama pants, compared them to my previous favorite pants pattern, and adjusted them. Then I made a pair of linen capris and a pair of brown linen pants. Both of them fit well, even thought they loosen up a bit as the day goes on. 45% cotton

En Provence pt 6

The other pictures seem so dark - this seems more true to the colors I actually am using. This was taken on my sewing table instead of my cutting board, and using my Ott lite instead of incandescent.

Parts 3,4,& 5 of En Provence

Now finished