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shopping at the end of summer, I saw several maxi-skirts on sale -beautiful fabrics! I know I won't be wearing maxi-skirts - but a maxi has enough fabric for a tee-shirt. So I bought a couple on sale- and made tees. One I love - one started pilling the first time I wore it. (I shudder to think of the pilling in a skirt!) Then I read a blog entry about Califabrics, with pictures of gorgeous knit prints. I loved several of their fabrics, so ordered 6 pieces from them. Have sewn 4 so far - and love them. I also dug out some old knits from stash - for a total of 10 new tees.  All but 2 are in constant use.

more quilts for soldiers

We are very close to our goal -will be presenting them in December, so we'll get them all done. I still have 4 more to bind, then wash and label. Have bound, washed, and labeled about 40 so far...

Make your own underwear

I've made my own underwear for years.  I mentioned it in one of my groups, and someone asked for more details, so here it is:  patterns for undies:  First, I took a pair that fit me the best.  Then I pinned one piece at a time flat and traced around it - front, back, crotch.  Then I added the parts where i'd like them to be just a little bit wider (longer, whatever).  Then I added 1/4" for seams between the pieces.  Then I examined how the elastic was attached -mine was sewn, then folded over, then stitched again. so I added the width of the elastic to the leg and waist edges.  Sew crotch seams - side seams.  Cut your elastic depending on its stretch. Regular underwear elastic probably should be 15-25% smaller than the edge it's going to be attached to.  Sew elastic into a circle. pin it into fourths or eighths. Pin the edge it's going to into fourths or eighths. Pin together. Stitch, fold, stitch.  Make one pair. Wear it for a day - then decide if it n

pink n glitter

I usually get white tips And I almost never wear pink..

Easy Street

all pinned and ready for stitch-in-the-ditching...

rose-breasted grosbeak

We've lived in this house for 16 years. Jerry has had  bird feeders for most of that time. This week we had a visitor we've never seen before: a rose-breasted grosbeak. We had to look him up. Yesterday, he brought a friend - don't know if they are migrating, or setting up homes, as we are kind of between ranges on their map:

nails March 2015

There's some iridescent glitter - which reflects a bit of green... And, yes, this was taken in my car - but I was stopped at a light!

Cheyenne River socks


leftovers that strangely go together

Knit Picks Brava Worsted and two strands of tofutsies

orchid Valentine

amazing color - two stems, each with several blooms  Bought it just before Valentine's Day - at the local grocery (which does not usually have live plants) 

leaf lace hat


Where's Waldo?

There is a squirrel! See: Waldo and cardinal Also, frost: five inches of snow on top of sleet Sunday night

warm from top to toe

snowtracks from stitch nation for m sister Bev chicabean for Cheyenne River Reservation