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Our little Min Pin, Bridget,  passed away early Sept 16. We loved her a lot and she loved us. I think she had a good life in the 12 years she was with us. She was diabetic, and had to have insulin shots with her meals twice a day, for many years. She became blind with cataracts, and that made her timid about stairs, and about j umping off the bed. We nearly lost her last summer - the vet thought she wouldn't make it through the night, but she rallied. Finally, her kidneys failed.

Of course we will miss her.  — with Jerry Dean.

baby quilts

from a kit from Merrily We Quilt Along

As I am sure my nephews/nieces-in-law don't read my blog, these are gifts for my new grand-nephews. The tree needs more quilting in those wide spaces.

I did stitch-in-the-ditch on all seams, outlined the pale stars with satin stitch in blue, and meandered in the larger word spaces.

knitting fate

I finished a pair for me - using Tofutsies Power Stripes.
The tofutsies is partly made from chitin from shrimp and crab shells! also partly soysilk! My guild, Fiber Folks of SW MO, had a challenge where you had to (randomly, blindly) pick 3 crayons, and then complete a project (knit, woven, spun, whatever) using those 3 colors. When I picked my crayons, these socks were in my hands, on my needles at the time. Fate?

Then I started a pair for my husband (which takes approximately FOREVER) ​ with KnitPicks ​Stroll Fingering in Forest Heather (green).
Both are (will be) beautiful.
But I wanted a quicker finish - so I started the Antler hat -using SWTC Therapi in a lovely soft denim blue.

The Therapi is partly made from Jade! Both Tofutsies and Therapy are soft, normal-feeling 50% wool.
Have any of you used strange fibers?

Traveling with kids

Thursday, June 20, 2013 Eight hours in a car with an eight year old and a ten year old, two days in a row is....

Well, fun!
Last summer, Traveling to Florida to meet our son's new son, and taking our daughter's kids with us(their

Mom n Dad had to work.)--

Mammoth Spring AR, where an entire huge river just appears out of the ground...

Zac being a scary tourist

Patriotic Quilters of Pierce City

Can't believe I haven't posted in so long. I have been busy making quilts for soldiers. Our SW MO National Guard has an engineering Company in Afghanistan right now - due back sometime before the new year. Our library quilting group is making each soldier a quilt - about 70 tops done so far.
I personally have sewn at least 10 - Some I made all the blocks, some I made half the blocks (others donated), some I just sewed together blocks.

first post about these quilts album of quilts