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Jan 2 moon over mountains

about 5p.m. Jan 2   Actually near sunset - can you see a faint band of pink midway between the moon n the mountains?  But it is brighter because of city lights reflecting off the snow.

Jan 1 music to start the new year by

Jan1, 2012 Unfortunately, the song that keeps clawing its way into the forefront of my consciousness is "All those other kids with their pumped-up kicks- You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun." by Foster the people. Here's a link so you can get it stuck also -

Dec 31 ice frost?

You almost can't see the snow. It looks like floating glitter in the rays of light. Nights are quite bright with the city lights reflecting off the snow.

Dec 31 Sketch me

Sketch me app turns your photos into drawings. Jer thinks I should edit out the Exit sign - but something about it makes me laugh - in a surrealist sort of way.

Dec 30 sunlight

It is NOT snowing. Repeat: it is NOT snowing. It did snow again overnight, but yesterday we could actually SEE the sunshine - today, not so much...

Dec 28 - It's snowing again - still - whatever

It's snowing again - still - whatever

Dec 27 Dump truck

Snow removal by front-end loader and dumptruck - it's snowing again - snowed all night _ They spent hours scraping and loading. I have no idea where they took it to dump it, but there were dozens of loads hauled away.

Dec 27 light snow

Today's snow is so fine and light that you almost can't see it. You think maybe it isn't snowing and that you have a mental problem. But see the accumulation on the 2 cars on the right next to the fence? The car to the left has not been moved for days. They do a land-office business in snow brushes here. Don't forget to clear the snow off your head- and taillights! — in Anchorage, AK. Just behind the middle car, you may be able to see where the snow has gotten so high on top of the fence that it has folded over - no wind.

Dec 25 Crunchy, powdery snow

Crunchy, powdery snow- no good for snowmen

Dec 25 Sunrise Christmas day Alaska


Dec 24 7-story mall with ice rink - Anchorage

People in Alaska are crazy. I am wearing 4 layers with gloves and a hood - the other day at the mall I saw a guy in shorts. Many many people will be outdoors in just fleece hoodies while I am indoors, sleeping in fleece pjs, socks, and with a down coverlet.
Dec 13
in the parking lot outside my son n daughter-in-law’s apartment - Anchorage Alaska The vehicle behind the tree and snowpile is Ben's truck, tho you can't really see any of it. And yes, they did just block the driveway.