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four purple socks

made these socks for my daughter-in-law during the trip to Alaska. Two pair in two weeks is really too much - made my hands hurt. But I have made two pair and started another since I have been back.


OK, I hate applique. I am also not one for elaborate, intricate designs. But I fell in love. And this is the result.

I t is bound and partially quilted - needs more quilting - You may be able to see a safety pin or two.

My husband says I should have taken a better picture. I is really a rectangle. He wants the quilt for his birthday.

pattern by Lisa Moore of Quilts with a Twist.

Lucas waves hello

Spent two weeks in Alaska to see our new micro-grandson. He was born July 2nd at one pound two ounces. He has made it through some rough times, thank God, and now weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces. He is in an excellent NICU, with super staff - but we only got to see him five times for 15 mins each in the 2 weeks.

I so want to hold him, but when we got there, his mother had only got to hold him once, and our son, his dad, not even once. So that has improved greatly in the last few weeks - both of them have held him several times. He is doing well.

Delectable Dog Sled

I made a quilt - yesterday and today. Bought the fabric in Alaska - will include a picture of my own soon as it is dry(long story).

The fabric is blues, with a dog sled team racing across delectable mountains. Pattern is Delectable Dog Sledby Lisa Moore of Quilts with a Twist!.
But. of course, I had trouble following the directions - my problem, not theirs. It seems that I cut and sewed 16 triangles wrong.  There were supposed to be 16 rectangles in mirror images, 8 and 8. I made 16 things that turned out not to be rectangles, and all the same. Now, I was heartbroken. The fabric was $11.00 a yard, and I just did all my fabric wrong.

But, rather than my usual screaming, throwing things, and never touching the fabric again, I decided that batiks look pretty much the same on both sides, and so just turned half of the fabrics upside down. I finished the top, 19x57 inches, yesterday, and machine quilted and bound it today. It needs more quilting, though. I had to wash off ink spots that I s…