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placemats from scraps

This evening I got into my bag of scraps(and they were small pieces) cut a bazillion 2" squares and made random checkerboards 9" x 15" After I add a 1 and 1/2" border all around, (and quilt and bind) I will have four placemats.
The borders and backing were trimmed from my Christmas Infinity quilt, so are all using up stash.
 I think I will give them to my daughter, if she likes them.
I still have plenty of scraps, many 2" squares, and fabric that has never been cut...
But I AM using it...

Weds) A few weeks ago, while rearranging some fabric, I found two pkgs of fusible fleece. I have no idea when/where/why I bought them, but not recently. I used them to back my placemats, and they worked like a dream. Now all four are pressed, batted, backed, pinned, and some of the binding is cut. One of them is bound and quilted, and very nice. I did a diagonal grid in the pieced blocks, and had no problem going thru the intersections, and no missed stitches. I am pleased.

Latent within you is the power to control your weight for the rest of your life.

key resources you need to achieve and maintain whatever  weight and health goals you set for yourself are the same as  you need to accomplish anything else worthwhile in life: 

An eye firmly fixed on the goal.  Will power.  A high tolerance for pain. 
I don't mean this to be facetious; vaulting any of life's hurdles,  whether success in school, business, sports, the arts, or personal  relationships requires the will and the willingness to do what's necessary,  recognising that the achievement will more than repay the investment of time and energy you make. 
This is the very key to success in anything--to be able to defer immediate  gratification in pursuit of a more permanent and worthwhile future goal. 
The goal is to get the job done, and done right, as quickly as possible  and with the minimum effort. 
Latent within you is the power to control your weight for the rest of your life.  All you need to do is realise that your weight is under your conscious control.  With that knowledge, yo…

delayed gratification

I think the delayed gratification is my major problem-as far as food.
I can knit forever until I have a pair of socks.
I can slowly add pieces until I have a king-sized quilt.
I can sew each individual seam without rushing until I have a blouse. I
even suffered through every required class until I had two degrees and three teaching certificates (and the continued yearly newly-invented BS to keep those teaching permissions).
I don't resent each stitch. I just do it.
But I seem to resent every time I decide I shouldn't have that biscuit, or that ice cream. And then I say, "Well, this once won't hurt. " But it does.

more sampler blocks

tiny scraps Mohawk Trail

drunkard's path

Another sampler block curves sewn by hand, rest by machine

Kitchen makeover

Blue pearl granite reflects whatever color you are wearing. Love the black sink, but it does show hard water spots ...
This has been underway since October. First we waited months for the ordered granite counters. Then more months for the ordered granite tiles.
Also got new outlets and switches - charcoal rectangles surrounded by brushed stainless.
Also got new LED under-cabinet lighting.

Easy Street top all in one piece

These are sampler blocks for Pierce City Quilt Group.
And my Easy Street top is all in one piece finally. Been working on it since Thanksgiving.
I couldn't see a mistake while this was on the wall, while I was sewing the blocks together, or while I was admiring it on the bed. But I saw the mistakes in this picture, and removed two 3" squares and replaced them, so the errors are corrected now. But how am I going to quilt this - and do I want to make it bigger with borders??

amaryllis and poinsettia

from Jerry's garden:


made in one day - 16 x 22" - all scraps from my Xmas Infinity quilt

Spiva Art Center Joplin

Saturday - 6 of us from the Pierce City quilt group went to see an exhibit at Spiva - Sightlines - 14 quilted multi-piece installations -
amazing, breathtaking

Also " Earthscapes" some great metallic abstracts by Dale Augustson that include pebbles, shells, beads,...