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new old clothes

Just went through some older, smaller clothes, and found five three-quarter sleeve and one long sleeve shirt that I can wear again. Also bought one 3/4 sleeve shirt recently, so my fall/winter wardrobe is looking up. I made two blouses recently, but they are short sleeve. They could be worn with sweaters, though.

I have put on a couple of pounds lately, and don't like the direction I am going. I have to get back to exercising again. But I AM smaller than I was, so I won't let it get me down.




My son and daughter-in-law are moving from Alaska to their new base in Florida. They are driving, and will be here for a couple of weeks.

They brought a friend. My granddaughter was complaining that he was naked, so I dressed him in my grandson's clothes.

We are getting our ceiling repaired, and so far, the alien has startled two workmen and scared my daughter-in-law's nieces.