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the right way to celebrate a birthday

Fireworks and concert at Jolly Mill tonight were fantastic. Our house is above most of the smoke, but about half the "blossoms" were behind our trees. Because of the shape of our valley, the noise is incredible, your heart thudders in your chest, and the pets are truly hysterical. If the wind is right (wrong), the cinders and ashes fall on our house.

My hubs made frozen wild blackberry yogurt with stevia instead of sugar. Yummmm ! (My granddaughter helped pick the berries.) My grands gave me colored-ink pens and food-shaped puzzle erasers, and my daughter took me out for Chinese food.

In about an hour Thursday, Jer and I and Zoe n Zac picked over 18 pounds of blueberries. Before we started, Zac wouldn't taste them. He said he didn't like blueberries. Later, he discovered he did. Most of us ate almost as much as we put in the buckets - including Zac.