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I made this for my daughter in one evening and one morning - all from scraps.

Dear Bonnie Hunter,

1. In a block that has 52 pieces, it is conceivably a minor miracle if SOME of your points meet. Everything is bias everywhere!!
2. regardless of how I try to press them, my seams WILL be pressed away from the chevrons.
3. Has anyone just said, "Forget the chevrons! Those are really just 4 half-square triangles!" and then acted accordingly? (Wait!! That would make it 60 pieces in a block!!!)

Every year, Bonnie Hunter ( does a mystery. I thought I wouldn't like a mystery, but I love all her quilts. Last year I followed her mystery, Easy Street - and really loved it. The top is long done, and I haven't decided if I will quilt it myself or send it to a longarmer. So this year I was excited to do another Bonnie mystery - Celtic Solstice. Her colors were darker blues, but I used a bright turquoise. I am loving the process, not sure I love the colors... about 50% done
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