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I used to buy $50 vacuums, and replace them every year or two. Then I wanted a Dyson - and found one at BigLots, for great price (MORE than $50, though). It has advertising that proclaims, "permanent Hepa filter." 

I LOVE the Dyson - great for pet hair and the millions of tiny bugs attracted to our window at night because of the light. They are small enough to get through the screen, then die there in the crevice between the screen and the glass. They mound up into impressive piles. 

But today, while I was vacuuming, my Dyson didn't want to fold back to an upright position. So I began removing pieces to try to figure it out. I removed a round thing that, it turns out, holds the Hepa filter. On the inside, in the part that you can't see when the machine is put together, are instructions for washing the filter. It says you need to wash the fiter every 6 months. 

(hangs head in shame) 
It NEVER occurred to me to open that thing up. So maybe if I hadn't gotten the thing …