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meandering too small

This meandering is too small, too dense. It would take approximately FOREVER.

  35 " square Christmas fabrics, made years ago using Anita Hallock's Fast Patch technique

This meandering is better - tho still small, and this quilt is almost done - decided I need one more row of stitching inside the stars, and THEN it's done. I will say, however, that even an unfinished quilt can still serve to form the hint of a headboard. Flowers in centers of stars free-motion quilted through traced freezer-paper pattern

Butterfly table runner

20" x31". All scraps -- put together in about 5 days, but the half- square triangles have been "marinating" for years...
meandered in gold thread

new grand-puppy

What's for dinner?  A tablespoon of roast beef, please?

My daughter's new puppy Fifi - at 1.6 pounds, way smaller than Bridget, my 12 pound Min-Pin. - Pug, a mix, at over 20 pounds. She's a morkie - a Maltese/Yorkie mix. That little piece of rawhide - pre-chewed, thanks to the big dogs, is less than 2" long.

Only 8 more blocks to put together

Easy Street - almost done  -- Only 8 more blocks to put together

Easy Street - not so easy

First, I sewed in one of the triangle blocks upside-down (inside-out???)on
my first block A.
Fixed that.
Then I put together my first Block B, sewed it together with two Block As
ad two setting triangles for Row 2, and...

Why doesn't that look right?
After Bonnie explicitly said to be careful of the orientation of the
four-patch units, I put them in inside-out (upside-down????).
Because my colors are different, I read the diagram wrong. I had to unsew
eight (EIGHT!!!!) pieces out of the middle of my quilt!!

But, it's done.

Bonnie - I want to tell you three five things:
1. This is the most complex quilt I have EVER done - and if I had seen the
picture of it finished, I probably would never have started it.

2. I have never done a mystery before, and have no idea why I have been
POSSESSED by this one.

3. I LOVE IT!! It is so beautiful!!

4. My husband, who only compliments my quilts normally because I expect him
to - and doesn't really know what to say …