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more utility sewing

In the last 2 weeks, I have made 4 shorts for my granddaughter(various colors - white twill, khaki broadcloth, light blue, and denim blue.)  and three sleep shorts for my hubs(blue, burgundy, and green flannel.) No pictures - they're just loose shorts - no pockets, elastic waist. I can make one in an hour, including finding the fabric, cutting, sewing, and forcing a try-on. The beauty part of the little girl shorts is that they are refashioned from my husband's old work shirts. He has retired, and the shirts are in very good shape - but can't be given away as is, because his name and the department insignia have been embroidered on the fabric. I have tried to rip out that embroidery, but the time isn't worth it, and I put holes in the shirt. But a long-sleeved men's shirt has quite enough fabric below the pockets for kids' shorts. If it is long-sleeved, there is enough fabric in the sleeves for small kids' shorts too. (I also save the buttons.) In my UF


Just checked my old blog - turns out I haven't posted since  Nov 2009 - it was a quarrel between Yahoo mail, Gmail, Blogger, and me. I don't know who won, but I lost.