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When I was a child, I did several paint-by-numbers - all of them bought from the local dime store, and less than 8 1/2 by 11. I loved doing them more than keeping them. I have recently started another, rather larger(perhaps 16 by 20, which is of a French walk, and which came all the way from China in the mail. The spaces I am meant to paint seem very very small. This seems harder than I remember it. But I am still enjoying the process. The 'bent' streetlight is merely a soft bend in the canvas, and is really straight. Seriously.

my job

These are just a few of the things i get paid to do: cookie decorating, making bubble-makers. and sticker mosaics


I sure wish we could see them more often - well, we will when the weather improves.


Bought 3 new tops on sale from Christopher and Banks Wore this one once - tag says machine wash, so I did - and this happened. But, customer service came through - sent me a postage-paid label to return item. Haven't heard yet what they're going to do about it...

perfect backing and four more bindings

This is what happens when the randomly-donated quilt backing ends up perfect for the randomly-donated quilt top. four more tied tops bound for Children's Advocacy Center

Dream 15 number seven

Diagonals donated by a friend of Jo Kramer - from MN pieced on muslin signed on the back by Cheryl Traun Nancy Carey Anita S Kathy Noll Joane Fink Connie Carpenter Irene N Iverson quilted Feb 18th and 24th donated to Children's Advocacy Center