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tweedy 13

Made more hats for Cheyenne River Reservation - all (but one) made from donated baby yarn in yellow or blue, and leftover sock yarn - the ends after socks were made.

kite-shaped paper piecing


Someone donated a big bag of trimming scraps to our library quilting group. Even though they are scraps, I can cut a number of one-and a half inch strips from each piece. Someone else donated a big bag of items to our local senior center. They also have a quilting group, but they didn't want these pieces. They included the white sheeting that you see here - old, but still strong. 

This pattern is paper-pieced, and even though I have made a number of errors, I think they are looking good.

Daisy Wallflower

Zoe helped me finish tracing the flowers and peeling the paper. The top is finally one piece!