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Quilting happens

While I cut out this wildlife quilt for my new grandson, my granddaughter and I made kitty faces for her quilt.

Sampler quilt finished yesterday

Free-motion swirls and my favorite leaves in the slashing and borders- about 48" sq- used in place of headboard over our bed.

23-yearold cross stitch

Paula Vaughn Wedding Ring Bouquet 1989

Both these are from Paula Vaughn Summers Remembered c. 1990. These three have hung in my bedrooms all those years.

Newest grandson

My son n daughter-in-law, Ben n Heather, are in AK to adopt their new son, have signed the papers, the mother has high blood pressure, and is being induced TODAY!
I am going crazy! Well, crazier...

This weekend my daughter's kids were here. Zac read 2books while he was here.
Zoe went to the state bible drill competition (in Springfield). Bec n I went. She did well. Then when we came back, Zoe n I sewed together. She is learning how to use my embroidery machine. We were making cat faces to go on her cat quilt I am making her.

"new" clothes

Found 3 swimsuits in my closet - had to shorten one.

Also found 3 pr shorts I can wear, and narrowed two pr of linen pants.

My daughter gave me 2 pr jeans - dark color, boot cut, fit perfectly - but I had to add elastic to the back because they kept falling down, since my waist is the same size as my hips -
Oh, yeah - they have rhinestones on the butt. JEWELS!!

basket making class today at the Pierce City Library


Toby Jugs

My grandmother, Ola Mae Day's Toby Jugs on display in the Pierce City library
My friend Gloria, who works in the library, asked if I had any collections. I said, not really, but I had a collection that was my Mom's... They are displayed with a few geodes that are my collection, but not enough for a display by themselves.

These are Royal Doulton, made in England, at least 30 years old, and some of them bought around 1941.

machine woes

I was quilting a quilt yesterday, and my machine started skipping stitches. I also noticed that it seemed to vary in tension as it stitched. "Maybe it's the crappy backing I'm using." I thought. "Maybe it can't stitch over those busy intersections." I thought, although it has before. Then I attempted to apply the binding - straight stitching, no seams, and it started skipping worse. I changed the needle, I changed the thread, I oiled places that were squeaking. It would skip, and then stitch right over the same place.

I can hear it skip stitches. It sounds different. And it's worse. Finally it refused to sew a small section over and over. The nearest repair place is an hour away, and I don't have a regular repairman. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!

CaroApril 8, 2013 at 7:20 AM well. I couldn't get my old machine going. It has been a good soldier - have no idea how old it is - and I've been sewing A LOT lately.

So I bought a new one - 100 embroidery…