machine woes

I was quilting a quilt yesterday, and my machine started skipping stitches. I also noticed that it seemed to vary in tension as it stitched. "Maybe it's the crappy backing I'm using." I thought. "Maybe it can't stitch over those busy intersections." I thought, although it has before. Then I attempted to apply the binding - straight stitching, no seams, and it started skipping worse. I changed the needle, I changed the thread, I oiled places that were squeaking. It would skip, and then stitch right over the same place.

I can hear it skip stitches. It sounds different. And it's worse. Finally it refused to sew a small section over and over. The nearest repair place is an hour away, and I don't have a regular repairman. AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH!

well. I couldn't get my old machine going. It has been a good soldier - have no idea how old it is - and I've been sewing A LOT lately.

So I bought a new one - 100 embroidery stitches, embroiders letters, 8 different one-step buttonholes, and came with a 1/4" foot, a waking foot, and a free-motion foot - all of which I have used in the last two days. It's a Brother, so I didn't break the budget or ruin my retirement fund, but I really, REALLY love it.

I worked on the quilt that broke my other machine (free motion), then I quilted twice around my Christmas infinity (walking foot), and I put together the fourth of my placemats( 1/4 " foot)

I am happy....


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