Make your own underwear

I've made my own underwear for years. 
I mentioned it in one of my groups, and someone asked for more details, so here it is: 
patterns for undies: 

First, I took a pair that fit me the best. 
Then I pinned one piece at a time flat and traced around it - front, back, crotch. 
Then I added the parts where i'd like them to be just a little bit wider (longer, whatever). 
Then I added 1/4" for seams between the pieces. 
Then I examined how the elastic was attached -mine was sewn, then folded over, then stitched again. so I added the width of the elastic to the leg and waist edges. 
Sew crotch seams - side seams. 
Cut your elastic depending on its stretch. Regular underwear elastic probably should be 15-25% smaller than the edge it's going to be attached to. 
Sew elastic into a circle. pin it into fourths or eighths. Pin the edge it's going to into fourths or eighths. Pin together. Stitch, fold, stitch. 
Make one pair. Wear it for a day - then decide if it needs adjustments. Change your pattern, try again. 

Hints: Be sure you use underwear elastic. Regular or swimwear elastic isn't as soft, and doesn't stretch in the same way, and may feel uncomfortable. 
You can use any knit fabric and tiny pieces of lace decoration wherever, but your inner crotch piece really should be 100% cotton. 
Underwear can be sewn on a regular machine. If yours doesn't have stretch stitches, use a very narrow zig-zag. Use a needle for knits. 


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