More and more Duggars

A friend posted on facebook about the Duggars - the Arkansas family with 19 children who have just announced they are expecting again. A commenter posted "we should all take example of their ability to stay out of debt "

Angrily, I replied,"They are able to stay out of debt because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to them by television execs." And then added: "that and real estate, - a $200,000 PROFIT from a SINGLE sale."
And:"They use paper plates, have NEVER used cloth diapers, and of course, have NEVER paid for child care."

A good friend sent a  measured and generous reply to my rant about the Duggars. I really don't care who uses paper plates - although I really do hate paper diapers. My daughter works at a daycare, and I certainly see why they have to require disposables for health department reasons.

After thought, I realize that I am truly bothered by the Duggars for two reasons: 
The first is that our earth has a limited capacity. That's why the Chinese government is limiting families to one child. The earth is going to run out of its ability to feed people, even if one specific family doesn't.

The second is related to all the trouble they had with their last child. Didn't they think that might be a clue not to have more? The older the parents get, the more likely it is that a child will have major genetic problems, like Down's Syndrome. And the more likely it might be that the mother will have problems. Who will raise those children if Ms. Duggar dies? 
I see their decision to have another (or their decision not to avoid having another) as careless, and selfish, and possibly harmful to their existing children.

I guess that means that I DO care about them, after all...


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