Lucas Eric Dean

Our grandson was lucky to have Ben and Heather for parents, and we are all lucky to have known him. His life was a struggle, and he fought valiantly and ferociously. hugs to all those who prayed for him, care about him, or helped him fight.

Benjamin Dean
Lucas Eric Dean, born july 2 2011, died today December 12 2011 at 11:15. Lucas was a verry tough babie. He fought hard to hold on to life for a verry long time against impossible odds until the verry last moment. When it became aparrent that his condition was no longer repairable and his suffering became too much, a decision was made to let him pass. He was loved and will be missed by both of his parents Ben and Heather, his entire family, everyone who saw his photos or heard his story, and the entire Providence NICU/prenatal unit staff.


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