in sewing circles, there's a thing called me-made-May, where you promise/swear to wear me-made items every day. It involves posting pictures on your blog with your fascinating outfits, and frequently, last-minute sewing of an item here and there to wear the next day. 
Now, I don't want to sew new clothes, because I am finally losing, and don't know what size I will end up. But that's no problem - I have lots of smaller clothes in my closet to get into- many of them me-made. 
And wearing me-made every day is not a problem - I wear only self-made panties - don't have any store-bought - but there's not going to be any pictures. Also, my favorite nightgown is me-made - a long- skirted heavy knit. But it is very faded and has some bleach spots... so no pictures. I used to have two of them, but I finally threw away the one my husband complained about - it had changed from blue and gray to mustard-colored from a bleach accident. And let me say that this nightgown is OLD old. I have no idea how many years, but way over 7 yrs old. But I love it - because it has the best swingy fullness for dancing. 
And I went through some pants yesterday, repairing three, and found at least three that I will wear soon - but are just a little tight on me right now. I have several pants that I wear regularly that I have made myself. But again, no pictures - the brown stretch gabardine pair I have on today have that slightly faded, looked-better-last-year aura. But I won't be wearing them much longer...


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