charmeuse - ravelly, slinky, slippery

I had reconstruction July 9th - and am very pleased with it. It involved shaping a new breast using tissue from my own abdomen, and making my existing breast smaller, to match. It didn't affect my weight much - but redistributed it.
I am still pretty weak, but finally sewed. It's a pattern I've never used before, of course, because I have lost 30 pounds total, and have a totally new shape. Anyway, a simple top with cut-on sleeves. The first day I cut it out, and thought I was going to collapse. Then another day I sewed it up. It is a beautiful fabric--browns, navy, teal, turquoise print - but charmeuse, so very slinky. I was worn out that day too. I wore it around, and discovered what length I wanted it. The next day I hemmed it and tried three different seam finishes to control the severe raveling. I think it's good now. And it fit straight from the pattern!
Under normal circumstances, this project would have taken a single afternoon. But I did it, it's beautiful, and I am getting stronger.


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