Dang dog!

While I slept late this morning, my dog ate my knitting, my knitting needles, two cross-stitch Christmas ornaments, and a tatted, beaded ornament. Even though it was my own fault that I left my workbasket open, I am still furious at him. He is going to stay outside for a while.

Once before I think he ate part of a knitting needle. That is, I never found about a third of one... This time the needles were made from bamboo skewers, and were so mangled that I couldn't tell if any pieces were missing. Neither the wood nor the bamboo would show up on xrays. The first time, we took him to the vet, because he became lethargic. But it turned out that he had twisted his back and had a pinched disk. After muscle relaxers and pain meds he was fine. So we will watch and see if he has any symptoms.


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