Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Part 3

I don't like surprises when I sew, and I don't like a lot of quilt patterns, so I assumed I wouldn't like mysteries. But I do like Bonnie Hunter, and I love most of her quilts. I have been reading her blog for a while (, and she does a mystery every year, posting one step a week. They are scrappy, and she encourages you to "shop your stash." So I thought I'd do it.
Turns out, my stash is mostly clothing fabrics rather than quilting, or already promised for quilts-in-progress(well, I try something, and then decide I want it larger(Don't judge!) So I had to buy most of this - in quarter-yards. I have kept up with the steps pretty well. Part 4 is half done, and Part 5 is out today! Gotta go sew!

(In non-related news, I bought 3 pair of dress pants from Half-of-half Price Store for $7. Not each - $7 total. and they were all size 14!!!!)


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