Easy Street - not so easy

First, I sewed in one of the triangle blocks upside-down (inside-out???)on
my first block A.
Fixed that.
Then I put together my first Block B, sewed it together with two Block As
ad two setting triangles for Row 2, and...

Why doesn't that look right?
After Bonnie explicitly said to be careful of the orientation of the
four-patch units, I put them in inside-out (upside-down????).
Because my colors are different, I read the diagram wrong. I had to unsew
eight (EIGHT!!!!) pieces out of the middle of my quilt!!

But, it's done.

Bonnie - I want to tell you three five things:
1. This is the most complex quilt I have EVER done - and if I had seen the
picture of it finished, I probably would never have started it.

2. I have never done a mystery before, and have no idea why I have been
POSSESSED by this one.

3. I LOVE IT!! It is so beautiful!!

4. My husband, who only compliments my quilts normally because I expect him
to - and doesn't really know what to say about a quilt, LOVES it also. He
has talked about the colors, the complexity, the variety of shapes, the
size. He goes on and on (well, more than he usually does...)

5. Block A has 77 pieces of fabric in it. - Block B 69 - really,, REALLY???

Bonnie, thank you so much for this fantastic pattern, for running it as a
mystery, for your great blog, for the quiltcam, for your enthusiasm.

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  1. Your comments are great! Now I know what to watch for when I attempt to put this together. My first mystery quilt too, and I know I never would have tried it with Bonnie's great help and manageable pieces to work with. Thanks Bonnie!

  2. I love your colors! I'm working on mine using Bonnie's recommended colors, which I like a lot -- but I'm kind of sick of them. Your colors remind me of a desert sunrise. Beautiful!
    (Mary Maynard of Minneapolis)

  3. Your color scheme is great! I was surprised when I started counting how many pieces are in the quilt as well......but, well worth the effort in the end!

  4. This is gorgeous! I love the fabrics--beautiful colors! Are they all batiks?

  5. It's good to hear that you are having fun with the challenge! I felt much the same, and very proud of the accomplishment ~

  6. I found a few of my 4-patches were wrong, too. I thought I'd been careful, but one on my blocks had 3 of the 4-patches wrong! I hope I've found all the ones that are wrong.

    Your colour scheme looks great! I really like the contrast between the lights and darks. And your red 4-patches really tie it all together well.

  7. I like your color choices for this quilt.

  8. Janet, I think only 2 of the fabrics are batiks - one of the dark greens and one of the browns. Some of the other fabrics are mottled, but not batik.

  9. Your Easy Street is gorgeous. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's colour schemes. I know - 69 and 77 pieces for the blocks - madness!


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