"monkey" scrap

A friend who looked at a picture of this thought it looked like monkeys' faces. I had put together the center of this, then stopped, because I thought I had no more butterfly fabric - then, of course, I found some -four small pieces - just enough for borders. I have about 2" by 20" left now.
Then, sitting right beside my machine was some navy blue twill. I bought it in the remnant bin at the quilt shop to use for soldiers' quilts, but it just wasn't the same 'hand' as regular quilting fabric. But it was a great color match for this one, so I cut backing and batting, spray-basted, quilted and bound it yesterday. 
The binding was sewn with navy on top, and cream on the bottom, to match the backing. I have to say that this is the best binding I have ever done, and since it was so close to perfect, I actually picked out three small places where the cream stitching went over onto the navy and redid them.

My stairwell


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