new hobby - Paint with Diamonds

Love this ! It's a bit like cross stitch, or paint by numbers.

There's a tiny hole in the end of the tube tool, and a wax that you press in. That is a bit sticky, so you can get hold of the jewels.
The finished items are lovely!

Both round and square drills - from different companies

How to get started:
You need a good light over a flat surface.
1. open the package - spread out the plastic canvas so that the folds will smooth out. Leave the clear cover over it till it is finished! Fondle all the colors, if you like.
2. Pick a package  of jewels, and find the number in the color list on the side of the canvas. See what Symbol it uses. If it is not easy to find the symbol on the canvas, pick a different pack. In the picture below, my symbol is the letter A. Note that the background for each symbol is close to the same color - blue on blue, for example.
3. Cut off a corner of the pack NOT into the number, and pour about a third of the jewels into the little green tray. Take your placement tool, and stab the end into the edge of the pink wax. That will help the jewels to stick to the end of the tool.
4. Shake the tray gently until you can see that some of the jewels are face up. Fold back a corner of the clear covering. Try to keep your hands off the sticky glue on the background. Your skin oils might prevent the jewels from sticking.
5. Stab a face-up jewel (also called drills) with your waxed tool, and place it on to a dot that has the symbol for that color. Finish one package, or until you can't find any more of that symbol. Pour any unused jewels back into the package, and seal with scotch tape. You may find more symbols later, and need those leftovers!.


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