Sure-Fit Designs Part 2

Tuesday I made a blouse. turns out the changes I made to the pattern were wrong, and the bust dart was wrong again. The sleeves looked a tiny bit tight.

Weds I made a blouse - slightly stretchy seersucker plaid. The dart was good, length was good, fit was good - the sleeves were too gathered. I emailed Glenda and she replied within hours. She said my sleeve top was too wide, not too tall.

Thurs I made a blouse. silky print - looks almost like dupioni. I narrowed the sleeve, and morphed on a v-neck from another pattern. It is beautiful! The sleeves are perfect!!! Pictures as soon as it is hemmed, since I will be sewing that part by hand. Aso, it ravels so ferociously that I had to serge every edge, and that took a while. When I sew a lot - my back hurts. Got to get up and change what I am doing....

(My son) Ben and Heather are driving through Canada today, leaving Alaska for Florida...

(My son-in-law) David won first place in the Wal-Mart national truck mechanics competition. He has competed for several years, and scored well. But he is very proud of this win. The guy who scored second has won before, and the guy who came in third has won NINE times before!!


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