3 blouses in 3 days

OK, as I was cleaning out the spare bedroom closet, I kept FINDING things..
A lovely stretch cotton mint green with multicolor pinstripes - which turned into a 5- button short sleeve with a gently curved collar-
a gorgeous cotton knit which became (very quickly) a v-neck tee,
and a jacket all cut out and serged edges, but not stitched.
I also finished a viscose scoop-neck tee with darts.
I hate sewing that slinky stuff - and somehow the front hem was noticeably longer on the right than on the left. What the heck is viscose, anyway?
Have just made 3 blouses in 3 days.
The jacket - not so much - as the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 80's.
Cleaning out the closet continues...


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