curtains in general

Also, found a curtain - WAY buried in the closet-that-will-not-be-emptie
d. Well- a drape, actually, with light-darkening sealer on the back of the fabric.

Now, I live in the country - WAY in the country. Few people pass by. Because of the way our house and the roads are situated, no one can randomly see in our windows. And our house was constructed Southwest-style, which is to say that the sheet rock wraps around the window insets, and there is no wood trim (no baseboards either, but that's a different story...)

So we didn't want curtains at all. But at night those black squares are disconcerting. In the summer, large south-facing windows heat up the house, and of course, in the winter I can feel the cold coming in through the north. So I gradually added curtains on spring-pressure shower-curtain rods inside the window areas. There were only two windows left without curtains, and here I found the material already bought (probably ten or more years ago).

So I cut, and hemmed, and pieced, and in very little time, a long, narrow pleated drape became a shorter, wider, gathered curtain. Thirteen years in this house, and I still have one window without a curtain. Oh, well...


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