My favorite dogs

My favorite dogs
We traveled to Florida to see our newest grandson, and took these two with us. They traveled extremely well, with no accidents of any kind. They seemed to love FL. These pictures were taken by Jer, I think from IN the pool. In the top picture, you can see where Bridget's leg was shaved for her IV.

Yes, that's another whole story. About two weeks before our trip, Bridget had been feeling poorly, some diarrhea, some vomiting, lethargy. She finally refused to eat -VERY unlike herself, and stopped standing up or really, moving at all. But she is diabetic. So when she wouldn't eat, we didn't give her insulin. Then she began drinking water constantly, and then immediately throwing it up. We took her to the vet. He said she had a systemic infection, gave her tons of antibiotics, and said not to give her insulin unless she was eating.

The next day, she was worse, and started having seizures. I drove her to the vet's other office (half an hour away), and she was having convulsions the whole trip. When I carried her into the office, the clerk ran to get the vet, saying, "Look at her NOW - she doesn't look good." The vet tried to prepare me for her not making it. They gave her more antibiotics, and IV fluids. The vet told me later he was amazed when he came in the next day and she was still alive.

She continued to improve quickly. We took her home for the weekend, and she began eating, and slowly started standing, walking around, and returning to normal We asked the vet, and he thought that there wouldn't be more stress in traveling than in being boarded for a week, so we took her with us. We celebrate her life, and are glad we have her with us longer.


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