So, I've been sewing - and I started a new job

about 16 1/2" wide at the top x 12" tall x 4" deep 
Bought the pattern and fabric in Panama CIty. 
Love it! 
about 17" by 18" - I have wanted to try a twister pattern for a while.. bought this template from an online friend who got it from Primitive Gatherings. 
- turned out to be quite small. - not the smallest- there is a teeny tiny twister too. I sure am glad I didn't get that one! 
The problem with the wister idea is that there is so uch wasted fabric - so I cut out smaller squares from the scraps. These end up one inch squares: 

AND in unrelated news, I am the new children's coordinator librarian at the local library. Since I worked in libraries from 7th grade all the way through the year after my Bachelor's degree(four different organizations), perhaps it was fate that that's where I have ended up...


  1. Loved seeing your sewing! I especially appreciate your using scraps from one project to make another. I'm currently doing the same and making potholders and oven mitts totally from scraps. It feels good to make something wonderful from little more than trash.
    Grapeland, TX


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